Joint stock company security services LONG HẢI

         Created by: Colonel VO QUANG NHUT former Ministry of Public Security Bureau truong_Cuc V26. Joint stock company security services LONG HẢI began operations on 06 May 08 2004 by the certificate of business registration number: 0311035823 by the Department of TPHCM City Planning and investment levels.

         ♦ Certificate of eligibility for social security business Protective Services 168 / license by the police department administration Social Order Police Tp.HCM (PC 64) level.

         ♦ Certificate of professional liability insurance provider Protective Services - Bodyguards of shares by the Corporation granted Postal Insurance.

          ♦ Certificate of Business Protection - Bodyguards Bureau granted police protection.

          ♦ Certificate of training in PCCC granted by the Police PCCC Department.

         Joint stock company security services LONG HẢI operations Protective Services - Bodyguards since 2004, with registered capital of charter business: 10 billion VND (Ten billion) and capital legal: 5,000,000,000 VND (Five billion). Composition Board of Directors - Board of Management have high qualified and dedicated to her craft with staff - Guard - Bodyguards of a competent, trained andprofessional training Protection - Bodyguards carry Health and depth. Vehicles, equipment, tool support for all types of Security Services - Bodyguards are fully invested, modern, diverse ... always gives optimal results according to your requirements clients and customers will always be satisfied and secure when using all types of security Services - security Bodyguards by the General Tropic - Bodyguards Thien Hoa provided.

       More than 10 years of formal operational Tropic General Security - Bodyguards Thien Hoa has been believed and trusted by customers at home and abroad, such as: Joint stock company security services LONG HẢI, Tan joint stock company Hiep Phat Group Kinh Thien Long Corporation, LG, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, ... With the motto "all for customers - customers for all" Joint stock company security services LONG HẢI forward want to become a strategic partner, friendly and indispensable of all the companies, customers need to use the type of Protective Services - Bodyguards.